Thursday, June 9, 2016

Another Day, Another Adventure

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and the Tuesday after Memorial Day was our last full day visiting Son Brian and Daughter in Law Nicole in California.  Nicole had to work, but she invited us to have breakfast with her in the company cafeteria before she started.  After breakfast Hubby Tony, Son Donald, and I piled into Son Brian's car for one last adventure and headed for Palo Alto and Stanford University.

On the way we stopped at Brian's office, where he gave us a quick tour.  Next we drove past the "Birthplace of Silicon Valley", where in 1938 William R. Hewett and David Packard developed their first product.  There was a historical plaque in front of the house, and you could see the garage.

Our next stop was downtown Palo Alto, where we parked the car and walked up the beautiful Palm Drive, the mile long, tree-lined entrance to the university.   When we reached the campus we walked around the main quad, stopping to take a photo of the Memorial Church.

Because classes were out for the summer the main quad was empty. Brian had a website on his phone that listed some of the campus highlights, which he read to us each time we stopped.  We found the Memorial Union building and stopped in to use the bathroom.  Because everyone was getting hungry we took a shuttle back downtown, where we ate a late lunch at an Israeli restaurant.

After lunch it was time to go back to the apartment and wait for Nicole.  When she got home we walked to one of Brian and Nicole's Thai restaurants for dinner. We made an early night of it, though, because some of us had to get back and pack.

Five years ago today: Que Sera, Sera


  1. what a wonderful time you had with family!

  2. Stanford University is a favorite of ours. We often stop there as we are passing by. The Stanford Mall is pretty terrific, too, if you like some high-end shopping.

    During the summer of 2004 another teacher and I got a grant that allowed us to take classes at Stanford. Her class was video production and mine was digital photography. We got to stay in one of the resident houses and eat in the cafeteria. Lots of fun.

    1. How fun it must have been to take a class there.

  3. Very nice time that you got to have there. Wonderful.