Tuesday, December 15, 2015

You Just Never Know

Every day from December 1st until Christmas I'm hanging an ornament in an outside public place as a Random Act of Christmas Cheer.

When I was going to the gym yesterday I drove past the wrap-up of what looked like a serious accident.  I saw a car facing the wrong way on Manchester, the driver's side completely smashed in.  Two patrol cars were parked such that the oncoming traffic was funneled into one lane, away from the accident.  A police officer was sweeping broken glass off the road. 

I said a prayer as I went past, and soon forgot about the whole thing until this morning, when I read in the newspaper that the car's driver, who was waiting to pull out from a restaurant parking lot, was fatally injured when a vehicle ran off the road and hit her car.

This afternoon I drove to the Women's Center of a local hospital for my annual mammogram.  This facility is tucked back off the road, and has a strip of restored prairie between it and the road.  I like the contrast between the lawn grass and native plants behind it, and I think the ornament on the tree lends an extra festive touch.

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  1. It does have a festive touch. So sorry to hear of that awful accident. We witnessed one yesterday but don't think it was fatal, just very messy, a bunch of cars and some people sitting on the sidewalk.

    1. I've seen lots of fender benders, but never such a serious one from so close up.

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