Friday, December 11, 2015

'Tis The Season For Ornaments

Every day from December 1st until Christmas I'm hanging an ornament in an outside public place as a Random Act of Christmas Cheer.

There are several small church cemeteries within five miles of my house in Manchester, most dating back to the city's founding as a rest stop on the journey west from St. Louis in the mid 1800s.  Today I stopped at one of them and hung the day's ornament.

It was a gloomy, dreary day, appropriate for hanging out in a cemetery.  The section I chose was still in use, with most of the graves from the last decade.  Many of them were decorated for the season.  After I added my additional cheer I looked around a little bit, then left.

Five years ago today: Smells Like Christmas


  1. My son-in-law's brother died suddenly of heart failure on his 21st birthday. He was loved by all and still sorely missed. Every year at Christmas, my son-in-law and daughter go to his grave and put an ornament on a tree next to it. It's a good feeling.