Monday, December 21, 2015

WHAT Season Is It?

Every day from December 1st until Christmas I'm hanging an ornament in an outside public place as a Random Act of Christmas Cheer.

So far 2015 is the third warmest December on record for the metropolitan area.  On the first day of winter here we had a high temperature of 67 degrees. (The average is 41 degrees).  This afternoon the neighbor kids were out blowing their leaves, and I think I heard someone a couple of streets over using a lawn mower!

Today I've been so busy cooking and getting ready for Christmas I haven't even left the house.  I did take a couple of minutes to step outside to enjoy the weather and hang an ornament on the tree in our 'tree yard' between the sidewalk and the street.  I'm confident that with the weather we're having someone will walk by and see it.

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  1. I just read an article about a small school district that I think is near you:

    1. Yes, as the story stated this district is near Ferguson (and about 30 minutes from my house). There were some details in there I'd not known about before. Thanks for sharing!