Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Strange Fruit

Back in October when Son Brian and Daughter-in=law Nicole moved to California Hubby Tony and I told them we'd be visiting soon.  This week we hopped on a plane to do just that.

Our flight left St. Louis mid-morning.  Thanks to the time change we arrived at the San Francisco airport mid-afternoon.  Nicole had to work, but Brian picked us up at the airport and drove us to their apartment in the South Bay area.  We got settled in and went to lunch.  Later in the afternoon Brian and I walked to a small ethnic grocery store to get some ingredients for dinner.

We were wandering through the produce section  and talking about unusual items when I found a display of large, bright yellow football shaped fruit that was new to me.  The tag said it was a Canary melon.  I suspected I knew what it would taste like, but even if I was off base and didn't like it, at 79 cents it was cheap enough to take a chance on.  I threw it into my bag.

When I got home I did some research.  Wikipedia said:
The Canary melon or winter melon is a large, bright-yellow elongated melon with a pale green to white inner flesh. This melon has a distinctively sweet flavor that is slightly tangier than a honeydew melon. The flesh looks like that of a pear but is softer and tastes a little like a cantaloupe.
The melon ended up being quite tasty.  I cut it into chunks and put the chunks into a bowl.  We snacked on it the rest of the afternoon, and finished it off with dinner.



  1. oh, it was a melon
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  2. Was introduced to those last year in my CSA box. LOVE them! Like totally addicted love them!

    1. I ended up going back to the produce market and buying another one. It was just as good.