Friday, January 23, 2015

Old Friends Are The Best

Day Three of our San Francisco Bay trip brought even more adventure. After breakfast Hubby Tony and I got ready for our day's plans.  We were going to meet up with Sue, a friend of mine from high school who's lived in San Francisco for the past 33 years.

Because we were staying quite some distance from Sue's house and we didn't have a car, we decided to take the Caltrain commuter train and meet her in San Mateo, about a half hour to the north.

We walked to the Caltrain station, which was about ten minutes from the apartment.  It was easy to navigate the ticketing system, and before long we were waiting on the platform for the train to arrive.  The ride was uneventful, and the driver did a good job of making announcements for the upcoming stops (which is always important when you're in an unfamiliar area).

Sue had picked a nice Asian restaurant for lunch.  While we ate we caught up.  I hadn't seen her for a couple of years; she used to come to see her family every year for the holidays, but several years ago her parents moved to a retirement community out of the area.  After we ate she put on her tour guide hat and escorted us around in her car.  

We made our way to San Francisco and walked on the Golden Gate Bridge, drove through Fisherman's Wharf, navigated down the hairpin turns of Lombard Street, walked around the perimeter of the Coit Tower, and stopped at Ocean Beach, where I took off my shoes and walked on the cool sand.  The day was much too cold to think about sticking them in the ocean!

On the late afternoon Sue drove us back to San Mateo, where we got a quick snack before it was time for Tony and to get on the train for the trip back. 


  1. We love CalTrain. When we lived in SF, I would take CalTrain to San Mateo and walk to our kids' house. My son-in-law would drive me back to the BART station in Millbrae for my trip back.

    1. It sounds like Tony and I WERE on your stomping grounds!

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