Monday, January 26, 2015

All Good Things Have To End

Today Hubby Tony and I had to get back to reality and board a plane to return home from our San Francisco experience. Although our flight didn't leave until the afternoon, we got up early enough to say goodbye to DIL Nicole before she left for work. After breakfast Tony and I decided to take one last walk through the area before it was time to go to the airport.

Brian and Nicole's apartment is close to an area with lots of shops and restaurants. It was too early for most of them to be open, but that was good; it meant the sidewalks weren't crowded and I could look around without worrying I was going to run into someone. We stopped at the deli counter of a small grocery store and had a sandwich made to take to the airport. With lunch figured out, we kept walking down the commercial area and a few of the side streets. The houses looked modest, but thanks to our conversations with Son Brian and Nicole I knew they were very expensive.

When it was time Brian drove us to the airport.  Much to my surprise the departure area wasn't busy and we were through the Security line quickly.  We bought coffee and found a place to eat lunch, then walked to the posted gate...which ended up being changed three times before we left.  As we waited to board the plane I started talking to the group behind me and learned that their connecting flight from St. Louis to Boston had already been cancelled because of the impending snow storm on the East Coast. 

We left from San Francisco at 1:15.  Because of the time changes we arrived in St. Louis at 7:15.  Thanks to all the cancelled East Coast flights the airport looked like a ghost town.  I felt sorry for all the people who'd had  their plans interrupted because of the weather.  When we got in the shuttle to the parking lot I felt like our vacation was officially over.

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    1. Yes, it was. I suspect we'll be making quite a few trips to the area :-)