Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pain In The Neck

I have a variety of annoying body aches that stay under control if I see the chiropractor to get adjusted on a regular basis, so this morning I had an appointment for a "tune up". However, today I had a more pressing reason to go in. My neck hurts. I suspect it might be related to the fact that for the last week I've woken up in the middle of the night and found Pepper the cat sharing my pillow.

This is a new position for him. His usual spot is at the foot of the bed by Hubby Tony's legs, so I was surprised. And annoyed. Each night has followed a similar pattern-I get up and go to the bathroom and when I come back I move around enough that Pepper gets annoyed and leaves.

Last night was different, though; I woke up as he was settling himself down around me, but was too tired to do much about it. I did push him out of the way before I rolled over and went back to sleep. Some time later I got up for the trip to the bathroom. When I came back I noticed Pepper was stretched out across the top of my pillow with his front legs and back legs perpendicular to his body. My head must have been resting completely within those legs. No WONDER my neck hurts! I picked Pepper up, moved him to the foot of the bed, and told him to leave me along. As far as I know, he did.

The chiropractor suggested my neck ache might have more to do with the lower back pain I've had for two weeks than the cat and his new sleeping place,but I'm not completely convinced. Over the years I've learned that the cats start doing something new for no apparent reason and then stop just as randomly as they started. Even if Pepper's not part of my muscular problems, I hope he finds somewhere else to sleep soon. This new habit of his is getting old!


  1. Cat behavior never ceases to amaze me. They're totally unpredictable which is why I enjoy cats more than dogs. I'm a cat person, even when I have to sleep in contorted positions around them.

  2. I hope he's not the cause; he seems to want to snuggle with you.

    1. I would prefer to do my snuggling during the day, though, when I can enjoy it too.

  3. hope your pain goes away soon! The joys of middle age, maybe the heat has something to do with it too.