Sunday, July 8, 2012

Add A Little Irish To Your Game

It's tomato season. Or at least it should be.

I've harvested a fair number of cherry tomatoes, and I've been keeping an eye on several full-sized fruits. Last week I harvested one of them, but over the past few days the still quite green tomatoes have been mysteriously disappearing from the vine.

The other day I saw a squirrel scampering off with a suspicious-looking green orb in it's mouth, so I think I know where they're going. Since the weather's been record setting here (yesterday it was 108º, and the 10th consecutive day with a high temperature over 100º). I almost felt sorry for the squirrel. Almost. Then I got angry.

I've tried quite a few homemade animal deterrents in the garden, with mixed success. Yesterday when I was out running errands there was a garden show on the radio. The host mentioned the smell of Irish Spring soap puts off a lot of animals. Hubby Tony uses generic Irish Spring. I came home, cut up a bar of soap, and threw it around the tomato and pepper plants. We got a nice rain last night and this morning when I checked some of the smaller slivers had melted, but there were still quite a few chunks laying on the ground.

I HOPE this works. It doesn't seem fair that I'm doing all the work and not reaping any of the benefits, does it?


  1. I totally gave up with squirrels in Illinois, just like I've almost given up with birds in Hawaii who eat our papayas and tomatoes. My daughter tried rubber snakes, but I think the squirrels just laughed. Do let us know if the Irish Spring works so I can tell my daughter.

  2. I didn't know they liked tomatoes! Hope it works!

  3. I fear you may have met your match. Squirrels are crafty critters. If this works you'll be able to quit your day job, and the world will bless you.

  4. and soap is harmless (and clean! :-)

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