Monday, July 2, 2012

Long Term Happiness

It was too hot to go outside so I sat on the family room couch and browsed the Internet, jumping randomly from page to page.  After a while I ended up at Paul's Tips, subtitled What I've learned about life and how it can help you!

The site was a fascinating collection of articles about how to live better, such as "The Meaning of Life", "Understand the True Nature of Reality", and the one that really struck me tonight "Six Things Likely to Make You Happier in the Long-Term".

According to Paul, building up these areas in our life will increase our general satisfaction:
  • Being involved in a loving relationship
  • Being in good health
  • Having satisfying employment
  • Being financially independent
  • Having a good social life, and
  • Having a sense of purpose
None of these are earth-shattering concepts, but it was nice to have a reminder.  I found Paul's Website tonight by happenstance, but I suspect I'll be headed back soon, and the next time it won't be by accident.


  1. interesting, and I assume not necessarily in that order! I'd almost put health first.

  2. You're so correct! If you're not feeling well, nothing else right.