Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Take Me Away

Our area lucked out on yesterday's storm (we only got a couple inches of snow on top of three inches of sleet instead of the blizzard they were predicting), but the streets were still a mess and I had another snow day today. Tony's office was open, but he decided to work from home today. By time I rolled downstairs at 8:00, he already had everything set up in the dining room "office", and he was laboring away.

My project for today was shoveling the driveway.  After breakfast I put on warm clothes, opened the garage door, and grabbed the snow shovel.  The other times this winter we've gotten snow it was light, fluffy, and easy to push to the side of the driveway.  Not today.  This thick layer of ice needed to be chipped away, and it was very slow going.  After 15 minutes, all I had to show for my work was a two foot section across the top of the concrete slab.

Fortunately Tony decided to take a break from work and come outside.  We quickly figured out that our plastic snow shovel wasn't effective on the ice at all, but a straight bottomed shovel worked well as a scraper. After the ice was broken up, the snow shovel came in handy to move it to the grassy area.  Tony and I took turns scraping and shoveling. Two hours later the job was done, and Tony sprinkled ice melt on the surface.  I decided the walkway to the front door and the sidewalks could wait for another day!

After all my exertion my lower back hurt and my chest muscles were tight, so I decided to take a bath.  I ran a tubful of water, added a splash of Tahitian Jasmine oil and some bubble bath, and got in.  Ahhhh....heavenly.

The tub in our master bath is situated at the far corner of the room, with counter-height ledges at either end where I keep plants. One of them is a large mother-in law's tongue, which is on the ledge farthest from the bathtub faucet. As I got in the tub it was behind me, but after a couple of minutes of soaking I had an inspiration. I got up and moved the pot to the other ledge so I could look at the tropical plant while I relaxed in the tropical-scented warm water and pretend I was far away from cold, ice, and snow.


  1. Aaahhh... You actually painted such a soothing, relaxing picture for me that I wanted to stop and lie down for a while. You must have such a gorgeous bathroom. I sure hope you don't get hit by any more snow.

  2. Sounds like the perfect end to your horrendous day.