Monday, February 21, 2011


When I cleaned out some drawers in the kitchen over the weekend, I was left with a bunch of gadgets I didn't want to keep.  Some of them I could identify, but others had me stumped. Do you think you could figure them out?

Here are some easy ones.  Clockwise from the top:

  • Round ravioli cutter
  • Donut cutter.  See the little circle inside to cut out the hole?
  • Tupperware canap√© cutter
  • A Pampered Chef device called a Cut'N'Seal that makes crustless, pocket type sandwiches. I don't think I ever used this impulse purchase!

How did you do?  Here are some harder items.  I had to do some Internet searching to figure out what they were.  Clockwise from the right:

  • Wire whisk spatula. I've never seen the two tools put together like this.
  • Egg topper to cut the tops off soft boiled eggs.  When you squeeze the handle, tiny teeth come out from inside the ring!  
  • Tomato or egg slicer.  The frame has 10 serrated blades to slice delicate items into even-sized pieces

I adding all these things to my Goodwill bag.  I wonder if I should include an explanation of the items for the benefit of the workers?


  1. I recognized everything in the top picture.

    I've never seen the egg slicer...very cool.

    And didn't know the egg topper until I read what it was, then thought "Oh yes!" haha.

    This was fun!

  2. LOL I think that it's a good idea to put tags with explanations with the items. My drawers are fine, it's the boxes I haven't unpacked since my move at the end of July that scare me! At least it's not more kitchen, that much I know.

  3. I didn't recognize ANY of them! lol

  4. How funny! Every now and then I come across something in my drawers I don't recognize and can't figure out. So many gadgets! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I was guessing that the egg-top-slicer was for cutting foil on a wine bottle, but other than that I mostly had them figured out. We have a couple of goofy ones in our drawers too, mostly gifts that people gave us (I cook therefore I must need a dedicated avocado slicer). We get bad about actually delivering unneeded junk to Goodwill and I know we have a collection of old gadgets eating up storage space in our basement with some really oddball things in it (I think there was an assortment of strange-looking specialty canape-slicing devices at one point...)

  6. Wow! I'd be hard pressed to figure out what to do with a bunch of those. When we moved to Hawaii from Illinois, I had to clean out all my drawers. Now I'm regretting some of the things I didn't bring with me.

  7. that egg topper takes the cake! never seen anything like it, although I do have an egg slicer that I use every few years! Great to slice the eggs for potato salad! lol, you are a gadget person for sure.