Monday, February 7, 2011

Saints Alive!

A patron saint is one who is regarded as the special guardian of a person, place, group, trade, or activity.  Some of them are well known, like St. Anthony for lost items, St. Valentine for love, and St. Patrick for engineers.

However, some are less apparent.  For example, a tongue-in-cheek patron saint for....
.....shoppers might be St. Francis de Sales
.....lawyers might be Our Lady of Good Council
.....firefighters might be St. Blase
.....anglers might be St. John Fisher or St. Polycarp
.....chocolate milk drinkers might be St. John Bosco
.....bald people might be St. Hedwig
.....candy makers might be Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
.....weight watchers might be St. Josaphat
.....highway users might be St. Bridget
.....campers might be St. Colman
.....police might be St. Procop agents might be St. Martin of Tours
.....knitters might be St. Casimir makers might be St. Anthony Claret
.....horticulturists might be St. Therese, the Little Flower
.....wimps might be St. Francis of Assisi
.....necklace makers might be St. Bede
.....boaters might be St. Joan of Arc 


  1. the highway users made me chuckle aloud!

  2. Cute, I wonder what saint bloggers would be?

  3. Did you make these up yourself Kathy? I'm super impressed! Thanks for a smile this morning!

    I'm in a funny mood today as well, having added humor to both my blogs on this Wednesday! :-) Have a great one!

  4. TOO funny....smiles.