Wednesday, November 10, 2010


After two and a half weeks of out of town job training, Hubby Tony is home!

He finished up his class yesterday.  This morning he checked out of his hotel in Kansas City and drove across the state, pulling in the garage just before lunchtime.  I was still at work when he got home, but Tony reported the cats didn't show a whole lot of excitement over his arrival; it took them a while to wake up from their late morning naps to come downstairs and greet him.

When I got home I put on shorts and we drove to Castlewood State Park for a hike, because today's weather was even nicer than yesterday's.   Tony and I walked and talked for about an hour, catching up on everything that had gone on since we'd last been together.

Tonight there will be two people in the bed for the first time in a while.  I hope the cats remember who to jump on at breakfast time tomorrow morning!


  1. Glad Tony made it home. Terry came back to SF last Friday after being gone for a week. He leaves again this Friday but will probably be back on Wednesday next week. Then we will both take off and head to Fresno for the Thanksgiving week. It will be 4 weeks away from the house for me. Don't know if the cats will remember me.

  2. glad Tony's home safely. I guess cats are different than dogs, lol.