Friday, November 5, 2010

Shower Me Clean

This morning I had planned to go to the gym before attending a meeting and running some errands, so I just threw exercise clothes over my dirty body when I rolled out of bed.  However, I forgot to remember to eat a light breakfast, and with muffins and fruit sitting like a lump in my stomach, the idea didn't sound appealing.  I decided to save the exercising for later in the day.  It was time to get showered and dressed.

We've lived in our house for almost twenty years.  The previous owners converted part of the basement to a mother-in-law suite, complete with a full bathroom.  Even though there were five of us living in the house we never used the basement shower on a regular basis.  For years we took turns bathing in the second floor bathrooms-some of us in the morning and some at night.  After Son Tony left for college and came back for breaks, I noticed he no longer wanted to shower upstairs, preferring the basement one.  He said that shower's water pressure was much better than anywhere else in the house.

Today I decided to use that shower for the first time.  I had a towel and all my street clothes packed in my gym bag, so all I had to do was carry it downstairs. I have almost everything I need in my bag, but not shampoo and conditioner, because I just use the gym's all-purpose foam to wash my hair and body. Hopefully there was something I could use in the shower.  When I opened the door, I noticed there was a bar of soap in the holder and quite a selection of bottles on the floor.  I figured I was set, but I discovered  that three of the four shampoos were empty or nearly empty, as was the conditioner.   It was too much work to go back upstairs, so I added water to the empty shampoo bottles and shook them, which dislodged enough shampoo remnants to give my hair a wash, then did the same thing with the conditioner.

The water pressure in the shower was good, but not enough to get me downstairs every day.  After I finished I dried off and put my clothes on.  I used the towel to dry the shower glass, walls, and floor, then gathered up the empty bottles and took them to the recycling bin.  If I ever use the shower again, it will be tidy for me!

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