Saturday, October 10, 2009

Very Vegetal

We may have our first frost of the season tonight. If it doesn't happen this evening, it will soon, so today I picked the last of the tomatoes and peppers and pulled up the plants. (I collected an entire salad bowl of immature grape tomatoes, so I guess I'll be making a large batch of green tomato salsa in the next few days.)

In addition to the pepper and tomato plants, back in the spring I also planted two broccoli plants, which were quickly destroyed. I'm pretty sure the culprit was a rabbit. Although I had hopes they'd re-grow, the plant closest to the front shriveled up and died. I assumed they both had succumbed, but today I saw this hiding under the tangled tomato plants:

I was amazed and delighted. Even though there's nothing to harvest yet, I know that broccoli is a hardy vegetable and it grows best during the cool part of the year. I think my garden is close enough to the house to shield the plant from a light frost; hopefully a broccoli head or two can grow before the first hard frost comes.

I'd like to think I outwitted Bugs Bunny and salvaged some of the produce from his all you can eat buffet.


  1. Very cool. Keep us updated on that broccoli plant.

  2. SALSA!! Oooo that sound so good. smiles.

  3. I pulled my garden out today as well. I have 2 cantaloupes - I'm not sure if they were able to ripen enough (or if they'll ripen now that they're picked), but the plant was dying so I figured they had to be picked.

    I hope your broccoli plant lasts long enough for you to get some broccoli!

  4. Salsa! Yummy! Yay for Salvaging that Broccoli from Bugs Bunny!