Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Here!

Today is the Willow Manor ball! Willow has outdone herself preparing her house for all her guests. The food looks marvelous, and she has every imaginable drink in the bar. My empty dance card is just waiting to be filled!

I didn't decide to attend until a few days ago, so it was hard to find the perfect dress on short notice. I decided on this vintage Halston silk charmeuse Grecian toga dress. The dress only needed a few alterations to make it fit; the tailor was able to do a rush job and get it back to me for today.

It was difficult, but I was able to get a last-minute appointment for my hair and nails. My gorgeous tan? Shhhh...don't tell anyone, but it's sprayed on. Much better for the skin than UV rays.

My triple loop earrings are from Harry Winston--a platinum setting with 78 round diamonds, approximately 4.45 total carats. Of course they're on loan from his store on Rodeo Drive! Tony and I drove by the place when we were in Hollywood last week. Please be careful with them because I have to return them tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I can't wear high heels any more (too much dancing till dawn!) However, don't you think these slides are elegant? They have Swarovski crystals on the buckle and heel. Now I'll be able to circle the dance floor all night long.

George Clooney graciously responded to my last-minute phone call, and cleared his schedule to escort me. Here's a still of him in his new movie, "Up in the Air". The movie was shot at several St. Louis-area locations this spring. Everyone who was involved said he was a really nice guy. I'm looking forward to comparing notes with him as we dance.


  1. You could not be more elegant in that Grecian gown. Inspired! And your date! Why that's why he wasn't answering my calls.

  2. It WAS a crush! And so many clever people in one room! I did see you across the hall but for most of the evening I took in very little as my date was gazing so deeply into my eyes.

  3. Have a great time... or rather hope you had a great time with George...handsome bad lad that he is... and rides a motorcycle...:: swoons:: xx

  4. I love the gown...Roman style is more my bag, but Grecian is a-okay too.

  5. You were just beautiful, dahling. And George appeared to be on cloud nine! What a night...