Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Reveal

Last month we got some suggestions about sprucing up our house for an eventual sale, which gave us a long list of projects to do around the house.

Here's my first project. This picture was taken in the laundry room, which is right off the kitchen. The builder installed one wire shelf above the washer and dryer area, putting the brackets into the drywall with anchors. We use the shelf for laundry baskets and supplies, the newspaper recycling bin, and cat food. Over the course of the years the weight of the items has caused the bracket to start pulling away from the wall.

I took the shelf down, spackled and sanded all the holes, then primed and painted the room (using a color from the palette I generated). When that was done, I installed adjustable shelves above the appliances.

Here's the new and improved laundry room. I was able to hang three shelves where there once was only one, so the things that used to be stacked on top of one another now have their own distinct place. I even have a bit of empty shelf space (although I doubt that will last for very long)!

Of course, like every project there are loose ends to tie up. I need to hang a couple of hooks behind the door to hold the broom and some aprons, and buy a new rug to replace the stained model that's there now. However, this project is about ready to be crossed off my list!


  1. Nice! It's good that you're making these changes before you're ready to sell so you actually get to enjoy the benefits for a while.