Sunday, May 24, 2009

Toss The Trash

Today was all about celebrations; we had a graduation party and a picnic to attend. However, the forecast of "scattered showers" was unfortunately accurate and forced us to change the evening's plans for an outdoor meal with friends. We were forced to come home, carrying our picnic items with us.

Tony had done a great job of organizing the meal. The cooler contained sodas and water, carrot and celery sticks with ranch dressing, and cherries for dessert. A bag held pretzels, paper plates, napkins, and utensils. After we left the graduation party we stopped at Subway to pick up a sandwich. It fit nicely on top of all the other chilled items.

We were pulling out of the Subway parking lot when it started drizzling. Soon the drizzle turned into a steady rain. We debated what to do, and decided to try driving to the park on the chance it wasn't raining there. However, the rain followed us all the way and when we pulled into the parking lot there were no other cars. We decided eat our dinner at home where it would be dry.

It was a very quick job to put food together. Half of the sandwich went on each paper plate. Tony put a towel down on the coffee table in the family room and laid out the rest of the food. We sat next to the table to enjoy our meal. When we were finished all that was left on our plates was a smear of ranch dressing and a pile of stems and pits from the cherries. I gathered all the cherry waste on one plate to take out to the compost bin, but realized that I could put the plates in too, since they were paper. While I was at it I added the paper napkins to the pile. Today I cleaned up after dinner by throwing it all into the compost pile. I wish I could do that every day.


  1. Compost, our very best dirty friend!

  2. Wow - cool. I wish I could do that too. TALU

  3. Sorry you got rained out, but sounds like all ended well. Funny how you get an extra smile at the end when you realize no clean-up required. :) [#TALU]

    1. This post was written four years ago on a rainy Memorial Day weekend similar to the one we just finished. What is it with our weather and the last weekend in May?

  4. That would totally be my lifestyle too if I could swing it. Throw it all away!