Friday, February 20, 2009

Cozy And Comfortable

I know some people wear loungewear out in public all the time, but it just doesn't feel right to me. I wear nice clothes when I leave the house but I change out of them as soon as I get home. In the cold weather, I often slip on a pair of flannel pants. My favorite is a black and white plaid pair that I acquired from one of my boys a few years ago after they outgrew them. They're very comfortable: broken in, soft, and a bit baggy. The farthest they've gone from the house is a quick jog to the mailbox at the end of the driveway.

I got a call this afternoon from my friend jd asking if I wanted to walk. After we arranged a time and place to meet, I got busy working around the house. When it came time to leave, it was too much work to go upstairs and change my pants, so today I wore flannel pants out in public.

I slid my walking shoes on, grabbed a jacket and a headband for my ears, and hustled out of the house. When I first got to the park, I was afraid I was underdressed, because the wind was really whipping across the track. However, after a few laps I realized the flannel was the perfect weight; it stopped the wind, but weren't bulky. Since the pants had pockets, I had a spot to store my cell phone and keys. It didn't bother jd at all that my choice of clothing was a bit unusual.

It was also an advantage when I got back home; I was ready to jump into making dinner, and didn't have to stop and change my clothes first!


  1. cool! you were even color coordinated on the track which is more than i can say for myself!! your flannel pants were stylin'.

  2. I wear my warm-ups/track pants/yoga pants all the time @ home. And then I have a certain radius around the house that they are permitted. But I've noticed that because I'm wearing them so much that I get more flabby because they are too comfortable.