Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Color Talks

Everyone knows that red roses symbolize love. However, thanks to the Website Rose For Love, I learned today there's a meaning for every color of rose
  • Red --Love and affection, romantic and abiding love, true love, I love you, desire, courage and passion, congratulations, job well done, respect and appreciation, honest beauty, bliss to marriage
  • Dark Red--Deep passion, readiness for a commitment, unconscious beauty, dying love
  • Light Pink--Gentleness, joy and grace, admiration, sympathy and gentleness, harmony and warmth
  • Pink--Elegance, admiration for beauty and refinement, sweetness
  • Bright Pink--Appreciation and recognition, Thank You, gratitude, admiration
  • Lavender--Love/enchantment at first sight, regal majesty and splendor, wonder and impossibility
  • Purple and Dark Purple--Enchantment and magnetism, opulence and majesty
  • Blue and Turquoise--Mystery and ambiguity, the impossible or the unattainable, You are extraordinarily wonderful, mysterious beginnings of new things
  • White--Purity and innocence, reverence and humility, heavenly and honor, everlasting love, marriages and new beginnings, I am worthy of you, beauty and youthfulness, remembrance
  • Yellow and Gold--Friendship and I care, unbridled joy, promise of a new beginning, gladness, delight, warmth, good luck, welcome back, remember me, dying love
  • Peach--Modesty, closing of a new deal, great cheer, sincerity and genuineness, sympathy, gratitude and thankfulness
  • Orange--Fascination, passion and desire, enthusiasm and energy, pride, I'm so proud of you
  • Black--Farewell and sorrow, loss and mortality, death of old habits, beginning of new things or journey, courage and resistance, Halloween

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  1. White roses are my favourite. For my 16th birthday I got two dozen roses - 12 white, 12 black - it was in honour of me moving into my new black and white room in the basement. Apparently the black roses had to be ordered well in advance.