Saturday, July 8, 2023

More Than Just Meetings

The convention I attended in Albuquerque lasted for three days. Hubby Tony and I were there for a week, meaning that we got to do a lot more than that.
  • There was a tour bus trip to Sandia Peak Tramway, where we took a 15-minute tram ride to the crest of the mountain and walked on some of the trails at the top.
  •  We went to the Albuquerque Old Town area to shop and see the historic buildings, including the San Felipe de Neri Catholic Church, which was built in 1793. 

  • There were daily trips up and down Central Avenue, which is what Route 66 is called as it passes through the city. The area had quite a few unhoused people, but I've always found that if you look them in the eye, offer a friendly greeting, and keep moving they'll leave you alone.

  • We made a day trip to Santa Fe on a commuter train.

  • In Santa Fe we visited the Loretto Chapel, where a "miraculous" circular staircase with no visible means of support was built by an itinerant carpenter who disappeared after the construction was finished.
  • We visited the Rio Grande Zoo.

And we ate...

  • A lot of New Mexican specialties (featuring green and red chile spooned on top of hamburgers, tamales, huervos rancheros, breakfast burritos, and more)
  • New-York style pizza
  • Tapas
  • Soul food at a brunch that also featured a DJ playing 60s-vintage soul music
  • Ice cream in both bar and scoop style. 
  • We found a lot of coffee shops within walking distance of the convention center and tried a different place every day. 
  • There was a grocery store within walking distance, where we stocked up on breakfast food and produce so we didn't have to move quickly in the morning.
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  1. I had to investigate the staircase. 😈

    1. Did you notice I put miraculous in quotation marks? Miracle or not, it's still a cool construction.

  2. Wow, that's so beautiful, the scenery and sights there. I'd love to visit NM one day.

  3. What a great idea, that shuttle train! I've not been to Albuquerque's Old Town since our senior class trip in '68! Growing up in Los Alamos (just north of Santa Fe) I used to get sick and tired of taking visitors to the Loretto Chapel; now, I'm excited my son and DIL are going later this month.

    1. While waiting at the Albuquerque station for the train I talked to a woman who was going to Los Alamos for work. She said there was a shuttle from the Santa Fe station to the office.

  4. Such beautiful photos. Regine