Monday, July 3, 2023


Remember how I told you about our cat Jackson meeting up with some dogs?  I'm glad to report that things have gone well. Overnight both dogs and the cat had free rein of the house. Jackson crawled under our bed, which isn't unusual. (It's one of the spots he regularly hangs out.) 

Donald got a message early in the morning that the power was restored 'near' his house, and he assumed his street was also back on the grid. But because he had already brought everything he needed to to work from our house he went ahead and did that. To keep Jackson feeling safe Donald set up what he called ' a fortress'. The hall bathroom also has a door that opens into the spare bedroom. Jackson's food and water bowls are in that bathroom, so also Donald also moved the litter box in and made both rooms a dog-free zone. 

At the end of the work day Donald packed up everything, including his dogs, and headed out. I wonder if now that the ice has been broken Jackson would be amenable to more visits, or if going forward he would prefer to keep his house canine-free.


  1. Do you usually leave the cat by himself while you are gone? When we had one very old cat who could not be outside we would leave it for overnight, but beyond that it needed someone to care for it. Now, with our cat colony, have to get a house sitter. Fortunately, we have found a wonderful one so we can again travel, should we want to.

    1. When we travel we have a wonderful pet sitter we rely on.

  2. My guess would be canine free zone.

  3. My dogs bark at the feral cats they see through the window, but always just accepted Martha as one of their pack. Maybe if the dogs visit frequently, he will become accustomed to them and take for granted that they are part of his family.