Sunday, December 17, 2017

Spigot Summing

This December I'm participating in An Advent of Gratitude to help remind me of the gifts I already have, what I often take for granted, and what I can and should be grateful for.

Today I was asked to count the faucets in my home and pay 50 cents for each of them.

At the beginning of the month I counted light switches, and came up with quite a few in my large house. Today I was sure my total would be pretty small.  However, when I started counting there were a lot more than I thought.   I came up with two faucets (sink and shower) in the basement bathroom, three on the main level (sinks in the kitchen, powder room, and wet bar that never gets used).  Upstairs there's a faucet for the sink and bathtub in the upstairs hall bathroom and FOUR (two sinks, bathtub, and shower) in the master bathroom. I almost forgot about the two hooked up to my washing machine and the two outdoor faucets, but added them in at the last minute.

So that's 15 faucets, and another $7.50 added to my total.  Things are starting to really add up, and there's still another seven days to go in the challenge!


  1. Who would have thought eight faucets in a thousand square feet. Thirty plus four is $34.

  2. It is interesting the final count, wouldn't have thought it was that much.

    1. Nor did I until I actually started doing the figuring.