Thursday, December 14, 2017

An Accounting Of Accounts

This December I'm participating in An Advent of Gratitude to help remind me of the gifts I already have, what I often take for granted, and what I can and should be grateful for.

Advent of Gratitude asked me to pay $2 if I had more than one bank account, and pay an extra $2 if I have investments that earn income.

Hubby Tony and I have a joint checking account, and I have another checking account I use for business purposes. For reasons I don't remember the accounts are at different banks. That does make it convenient when I need to cash a check, though, because there are twice as many possible locations to choose from.

We both also have investments that earn income.  Tony's pool is larger, because he's always worked full time. Due to my spotty job history my fund is much smaller, but I proudly put money into it on a regular basis.  For the most part the account grows, which is satisfying to see.

Two dollars plus two dollars equals four dollars, which is the amount I added to my total today.