Thursday, December 7, 2017

Good, But Not Gourmet

This December I'm participating in An Advent of Gratitude to help remind me of the gifts I already have, what I often take for granted, and what I can and should be grateful for. 

Today I was asked to contribute $2 if I had bought a gourmet coffee in the last month.

At first glance, the question sounded like it would be easy to figure out.  However, I spent too much time overthinking the whole thing, disappearing down a rabbit hole of Google searches and websites trying to figure out what made coffee "gourmet".

Eventually I realized that the answer didn't really matter.  The only important fact was that I had only purchased one cup of coffee from a shop in the past month.  It was black.  No flavors, no shots, no foam on top. Everything else I drank, although it was very good quality, came from my own house.

So, I didn't add anything to my kitty today.

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  1. I rarely drink coffee anywhere except home. Now and then I will order an espresso if we are having dinner at a really nice restaurant that has an espresso machine. But, not in the last month.

    1. Good for you. Just think of the money you save in real life.

  2. I think they mean Starbucks and likely not McD's!

  3. Still $17.50. I'm too cheap to buy coffee. Or, water. When I was a kid and stupid enough to say I was thirsty, the rejoinder from the front seat "Why didn't you get a drink at home?"

  4. I like making my own coffee at home. Besides coffee, I just drink water. Because I like water!