Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Bountiful Books

This December I'm participating in An Advent of Gratitude to help remind me of the gifts I already have, what I often take for granted, and what I can and should be grateful for.

Today's prompt said:
If your home has more than 25 books pay $1. If more than 50, $2.
I didn't even bother to count, but instantly added two dollars to my total. Even though (thanks to a mold issue in the basement that caused us to do a purge) we have far fewer books than we used to, there's still more than 50 on the shelves. 

And I'm happy to pay money for the privilege of having them.

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  1. I'm sure there are over 50 books in this house, but on Thursday there will be fewer as that's the day I see my friend with whom I share the books I have just finished reading. There are close to 20 books that I've read since August when I gave her the last stack. I told her it would be my Christmas present, and she said she would buy lunch.

    1. That sounds like a great way to recycle your reading material. And a great way to celebrate a friendship.

  2. Thank you for once again making me truly appreciate how lucky I am, Kathy. I'm also surrounded by books.

  3. I donated all my books to the library two years ago, when I moved. Hundreds and hundreds. They are gone, but I'll claim two dollars anyway. $37 now.