Monday, January 9, 2017

Registration Completion

We had a new dishwasher installed on Friday. As he was on his way out the door, the installer handed me a stack of manufacturer paperwork. Tucked inside the plastic bag was a product registration postcard with a strange-looking graphic on one side.  The card said the easiest way to register the dishwasher was through Photoregister.  Later in the day when I was cleaning up a pile of papers left over from Christmas I found another similar product registration postcard from a gift I received. I had to know what this Photoregister was all about.

According to the company's website, they offer "The fastest way to register products direct with the brands you buy".  The process sounded easy.  You take a photo of the code and text or email it in.  After it receives the photo the company will send you back a link.  You click on the link, which goes to an online site where you put in additional registration information.

I followed the directions for both cards. Twenty minutes later I received my responses, and clicked over to both websites.  They asked for my name, address, model number, and purchase information... all the things I would have filled out on a traditional paper form.  I'm not sure how exactly the new process improved things, but I have to admit it was kind of cool.

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  1. can't keep up with all the new ways!

    1. It does seem like things are changing more and more quickly.

  2. I am about to open up my new food processer. Maybe it will have one I can try. I have to spend the afternoon billing some tenants and registering all the things we bought during Christmas ..... including Charming Eddie. It is actually his micro-chip I am registering. Not only will it have the information about who he belongs to, it will also have his health records accessible, so that if we were traveling and he needed to see a vet, he could just wand the chip and then go on-line for a print-out. That is really cool!!