Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Final Countdown

This weekend a group I belong to is hosting a two-day workshop. I am the chair of the organization committee.

The committee's been working up to this since January, when we found a location and a speaker. Then there was a long lull with sporadic flurries of activity and little else to do except for monthly updates to the group (and I almost forgot about the project). However, over the past month the requirements have gradually ramped up. Starting last week a steady stream of emails between different parts of the committee began coming in. Sometimes they're just informing me of what's going on. Sometimes I need to do something with the information.

As a result of all the information I keep remembering things I have to do at odd times and places.  I've started keeping a note pad in the bathroom and carrying others in my purse and car to jot down reminders. This week every minute of every day is accounted for, and I've been multitasking wherever possible. (Except at work, where all I have to do is interact with customers.).  The mall has been beginning-of-fall slow.

Of course the normal household activities still need to be done. Or not. I'm managing to get meals on the table, but for the past week I've had trouble keeping on top of the housework.  Right now the kitchen island is covered with an even layer of papers, interspersed with a few taller stacks for emphasis. It will all be there until I carry it out to my car and take it to the workshop venue.

The good news is that the whole thing will be over on Saturday night. Then I can pass the binder on to next year's chair and take a break for a while. However, next year I'll be the 'chairman emeritus', answering questions and providing support as a consultant.  But I'm pretty sure that part of the job will be less intense.

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  1. Best wishes. Being a consultant should be mush less stressful than leading the pack and planning the parties.

    1. Leenie, thanks for stopping by and commenting! Yes, I much prefer to be a follower than a leader.

  2. sounds like a demanding job! Good work though Kathy.