Monday, September 15, 2014

Fun In The Mall...For Almost All

Today was a slow day at the mall, so I had a lot of time to observe the people go by from my seat at the Customer Service desk.  When I'm people watching I think it's fun to try to figure out a story behind each person or group.

For example, shortly after noon a multi-generational group set their shopping bags on the floor next to the chairs in the seating area closest to the desk and made themselves comfortable. There were two women--one older (I'm guessing the grandma), and one middle aged (probably the mom).  In addition to the women there was a teenaged boy and a girl who looked to be four or five years old. After they got settled the women talked and the teen sulked, but the girl made good use of her time.

She opened up one of the shopping bags and removed a toy set, opened it up, and took out the multiple figures. Once those were arranged on the floor she started pulling toys out of her backpack.  Soon there were stuffed animals, toy cars, and toy accessories scattered everywhere. I watched her have an extended conversation with a stuffed dog, then she set him down on the floor and picked up another animal.  A couple of times she tried to engage the teenager. He wasn't having it.

The group was there about 20 minutes. When the adults were finished talking they told the girl it was time to go. She quickly cleaned everything up, and the group walked away.  My fun observation time was over.

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  1. good for her knowing how to entertain herself.

  2. People watching is fun. Like you, I always wonder about the lives behind the people, just like I wonder where roads lead when I am driving along.