Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Too Darn Hot!

That's been my mantra the past week. Every hot, humid, day when the temperature has been close to 100°.

Last weekend the weather folks promised a cool down by mid-week. Each day the nice weather has been pushed back; now they're saying things will change starting tomorrow (only 92°), but a daily chance of storms guarantees the humidity will make it feel warmer than that.

But, like someone said at the gym yesterday, we won't still be complaining about the muggy weather on Halloween.

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  1. i am enjoying every bit of the warm weather, albeit from the air conditioned indoors, because I know the cold will be coming and it will make me grumpy. I hate piling on clothes and having to wear socks and slippers in the house just to keep my feet from freezing. I always ask Terry why we can't keep our house temperature the same, year round--80 degrees! Our summer power bills are fairly low, but the winter gas bill (for our heat) gets high enough with the thermostat set at 68-70.

    1. I'm not a fan of either extreme, hot or cold. In an ideal world it would be 70 degrees year round (although a week of cold between Christmas and New Years could be acceptable).

  2. It's hot and sticky here, too...I hope it blows away soon!