Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend Updates

In case you were interested in the outcomes of a few of my past subjects:
  • Two months ago I was at a baby shower where I received a miniature rose bush for a party favor.  I had to put it in the family room so the cats couldn't get to it.  It didn't get any sun there. After just a couple of days the bush wasn't thriving, so I moved it to an east-facing windowsill in the kitchen.  With all the heat there it needed to be watered frequently.  I forgot to take care of the job before I left town for a weekend, and when I came back the plant had died.  It went into the compost pile.
  • The neighbor's cedar fence had a broken board that had fallen into our yard.  Since they wouldn't be able to see it I wondered if I should say something.  I eventually decided I'd wait until I saw someone outside at their house.  It took several weeks, but I finally relayed the message.  They thanked me for letting them know.
  • At the end of April I took off the flannel sheets and put new microfiber sheets on the bed.  Several people (including me) wondered if they'd be comfortable once the weather got warm.  Right after I made the switch, the nighttime temperatures dipped back into the chilly zone, but last week it got warm enough to turn on the air conditioner.  So far the sheets have been comfortable, but I'm hoping we don't have any really hot weather this summer to test them.
Five years ago today: Hand. Hand. Foot. Foot.


  1. too bad about the rose bush. I had one for many years that finally died, it's pictured in my blog header. Since then, haven't been able to find one that hasn't died off so I gave up.

    1. I've always admired that rose bush. I could tell it'd been around for a VERY long time :-)