Wednesday, June 4, 2014


An organization I belong to is doing outreach to let people know what we're about. They had informational bookmarks made and asked anyone who was interested to hand them out, or place them in public areas where people could pick them up.  I took a few and made a game of figuring out who to give them to and where to put them.

Soon I was down to just one, which I decided to locate somewhere in the mall.  I just had to figure out where.  The cleaning people do a great job of keeping the mall clutter-free.  If I set my bookmark on one of the tables or in the bathroom it would be quickly tossed out; they wouldn't even look at it. After a little thought I realized that the soda machine that I walk by on my way into and out of the mall would be a good choice.  Two days ago on my way into work I stuck the rectangular piece of card stock in the chute where the bottle comes out. iI would be easily visible there to anyone purchasing a soda.

I congratulated myself of my cleverness, but when I left work today the bookmark was still there. It looks like I underestimated the popularity of bottled sodas.  I guess most people get their beverages in cups from one of the mall food vendors.

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  1. I suppose giving out a lot of these is the best way to find interested people.

  2. Oh man who'd have thought that would be an unpopular spot to place it?