Monday, June 30, 2014

Sneaky, Sneaky, Sneaky!

The other day on my way to work I saw a plain 'muscle' car (probably a Dodge Charger) parked haphazardly on the shoulder. There was a spare tire laying on the ground behind the car.  It looked like a disabled vehicle until you got close and saw the searchlight folded against the vehicle next to the side mirror and the radar gun sticking out of the window. It was a police car!

Even though I gave up my gas pedal lead foot several years ago and now make an effort to drive at the speed limit I still nervously glanced at the speedometer.  When I realized I wasn't going too fast I relaxed.

That officer was darn pretty sneaky.

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  1. I was nailed once by a white muscle car with POLICE on the front bumper. In fluorescent letters, illuminated only by my headlights. The pretend spare tire would have been too much.

  2. What?!? Thanks for the heads up. Sneakier than sneaky.

  3. That is very sneaky, they never get the ones who deserve the ticket either.

  4. None of our police cars here are that fancy.

  5. I love it. Sure hope they catch not only speeders but those people on their cell phones. We have strict laws in California and stiff penalties, but people are always using their cell phones, usually texting, while driving.

    1. Didn't even think about cell phone drivers!