Monday, March 10, 2014

Window Dressing

Today during my shift at the mall Customer Service desk I got to watch while a fashion merchandiser at a nearby store set up their new windows displays.  It was a fascinating show.

This store has six large windows, and they're some of the best-decorated in the mall.   Each window has a different theme, with the mannequins dressed accordingly.  Depending on the time of the year you're liable to see office, casual, outdoor, or social motifs.  When I arrived this morning the windows were empty except for some backgrounds and white drapes.  The plain white mannequins were arranged with their backs to the windows.  Over the course of my shift the merchandiser moved from one window to the next putting everything together. 

Sometimes she'd bring out a fully-dressed mannequin and set it into place.   Other times it would be dressed inside the window.   First she would lay the mannequin down and slide the pants on, then add shoes and set it on a display stand.  Next she'd put clothes on the torso (removing the mannequin's hands if necessary) and button/zip/tie everything as needed.   The figures were arranged in the window, then the last step was to add the finishing touches--props appropriate to the story the window was trying to tell...such as a table with a pile of papers and a lush green plant for office wear, or a picnic basket and blanket for an outdoor scene.

When each window was finished it was an elegant display that showcased the store's spring items.

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