Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Cleaning...It’s Time!

Today's guest post comes from Madison on behalf of Garage Envy in St. Louis. She has some great tips for spring cleaning. Take it away, Madison!

After reading Kathy’s post about her new bike, I immediately felt this desire for spring; I could have been diagnosed with “spring fever” right then and there, as one commenter put it. With the weather warming up and moods elevating, it would be sinful to stay cooped up inside and in front of the TV, a mockery to all that spring encompasses.

We’ve all heard the term “Spring Cleaning” and it frequently comes with a pit in the stomach or a headache for the hypochondriac. But, it needs to be done, for it’s the threshold for warm weather entertainment and fulfillment. Consider starting in the garage, where all of your outdoor equipment resides. Whether you have bikes, garden tools, or sports gear, you’ll be using your garage a lot more during these warmer months. Here are some tips to prep that space.
1.) Shelving: Think of how much space you can open up if you move everything off the floor. Invest in some strong shelving, which will give you that open floor plan.

2.) Hang: With the shelving listed above, you’ll be able to hang your storage from the racks. Think of how wonderful it would be to have your bike hanging from the shelf and be easily accessible all at the same time.

3.) Designate: In order for things to stay orderly, you’ll need to determine specific spots for every item. Make sure they stay there and let everyone in the household know what goes where.

4.) Enlist: You don’t have to do it alone! Enlist help from your family members and promise them a hot, delicious meal (or cold, delectable treat) afterwards.

5.) Enjoy: Make sure you reward yourself after your hard work, and enjoy your newly organized space!
The delights of spring are well upon us and before you know it, the blazing heat of August will occasionally restrict us to our air-conditioned homes. Keeping our living areas organized will help our lives feel more in order, and allow us to enjoy the warmer months to their fullest.

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