Monday, March 31, 2014

Signs of Spring 2014

Many of  the questions we get at the mall Customer Service desk are seasonal:
  • During the holiday season there are a lot of queries about calendars and edible gift stores. 
  • Right after the first of the year people are looking for places that sell planners and organization things.  
  • Next comes Valentine's Day, and everyone wants to know where the candy and jewelry stores are.  
  • March is Spring Break season.  People figure out they need swimming suits for their warm weather destinations, and have to know which places have them in stock.  
  • When Spring Break is over it's time to ask about prom dresses. 
  • Mother's Day brings another upsurge in questions about jewelry stores.  (Oddly enough, there are no corresponding Father's Day questions.)
  • At back to school time there's an increase in inquiries about stores that carry backpacks.
  • In early October it's all about the Halloween costume stores.
This morning I got a question that made me think that spring really is on its way.  A woman asked me where in the mall she could buy a pair of foam clogs--the ones that have a name similar to a reptile. 

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  1. Foam clogs?? Must be time to start gardening... hopefully it's that and not for regular wear.

    1. You've been away from St. Louis too long if you don't remember some people wear them ALL THE TIME :-)

  2. Lol. So many folks are into the crocs these days.

    1. I KNOW! They've never done anything for me.