Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Into Fashion

  I used to be one of the least fashion-aware people you could meet. Then I started working at a mall, where I continually walk past storefronts showcasing the newest fashion colors and trends. And if the visual manifestations aren't enough, the mall's website and marketing department are always giving me information that I'm expected to read. I can't help but soak some of the details in.

Not that I have a great need of those details, because I don't usually think a lot about my wardrobe. At home, where I have no need to look fashionable, I have a supply of comfortable shirts and jeans. When I go to work I wear black pants and a mall-supplied white shirt.

However, occasionally I'm glad I paid attention to what clothes and colors are current. This weekend I need lightweight shirts to wear to several events. I put off thinking about it until the last minute, so there wasn't time to shop. I went through the boxes of off-season clothes in my closet, and was pleasantly pleased to find out there were several that came close to this season's fashionable shades. They'll do just fine.

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  1. sometimes I forget about what I already own!

  2. I have tops in radiant orchid (but I wouldn't call mine radiant), magenta purple, and celosia orange. I'm sad to not see any turquoise on here as I have lots of clothes in that color. Guess I'll just be out of date. Maybe I can pair the tops with the skirts!

    1. Turquoise is right in between hemlock and placid blue, so in my world you'd still be OK .

  3. Earth tones are so out but that's my wardrobe. I like that celosia orange. If I could find a purse and a cellphone case that color that would do ;-)