Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Watch This

The other day while I was working at the mall Customer Service desk a customer brought me a wallet they'd found in the Food Court.

When we have something valuable like a wallet turned in there are different procedures to follow depending on what's inside. Of course, to figure out what I should do I needed to open the wallet. I was a little leery to do it since I working by myself and wouldn't have a witness to vouch for me if I was accused of taking anything out of it.

I know that Security has the ability to watch what's going on at the desk, so I called the office, explained the situation, and asked the dispatcher to turn one of the cameras on me. When I was sure I was being watched, I opened the wallet and looked closely enough to see there was a debit card and a couple of dollar bills. I relayed the information; the dispatcher told me to hang on to it until it was retrieved. If no one claimed it they'd pick it up at the end of the day.

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  1. was it retrieved? You handled that well.

    1. The person didn't come looking for the wallet during my shift. I don't know what happened to it later in the day.

  2. Sad that we have to protect ourselves when doing a good deed, but is necessary. I found a credit card in a drawer at work, reported it AND when owner came to retrieve, she looked at me suspiciously ... like I'd stolen it and was planning to use. Having learned from the experience, when I next found a wallet at bus stop, I researched info inside online, contacted person via phone to verify had lost it, and mailed back to him so as not to be involved if anything missing. I've since found a check, camera, cellphone, all of which parties were reached and items mailed ... anonymously. It's so stressful thinking might be blamed for something that hope never find anything else.