Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thanks, But No Thanks

One day last week shortly before I was scheduled to clock out at the mall Customer Service desk, my boss came in with a soda from one of the cookie stores and two chocolate chip for me and one for him.

I was pleased with his unexpected gesture. Normally I'd eat the cookie and not think anything about it. However, this year I've given up chocolate for Lent. (It's been a real struggle. Even several weeks into the season I still really crave it.)

I pondered my options. If I made a big deal out of not eating his gift it I might look contrary (and he'd probably never ever get me another sweet). If I went ahead and ate it I'd be giving in to keep him from feeling bad. After a couple of minutes I thought of a third option.

I thanked him profusely for the cookie, then slid it into my lunch box. On my way out of the mall I saw a couple of 20-something employees sitting on a bench taking their break. I explained the situation and asked if they could 'assist' me by taking the cookie off my hands.

Yes, they were happy to help.

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  1. His RAK turned into your RAK! ha.

  2. a 'problem solved', their lucky day! You are so good about Lent.

  3. I love your solution. I bet the kids were happy with it as well.

    1. From the smiles on their faces I suspect they were quite happy.