Monday, February 24, 2014

What WERE You Thinking?

Dear Inconsiderate Store Manager,
I just talked to the associate you sent to the Customer Service desk with a collection of items found in your store.  She had no idea how long you'd been collecting them, but judging by the amount of stuff in the overflowing bag I'm guessing you must have been holding on to it for weeks.

Granted, as far as I could figure out the four pairs of sunglasses weren't valuable, and the 'cheater' glasses could easily be replaced with a trip to the drug store.  The hoodie wasn't in the greatest shape, and I doubt the folding umbrella cost a lot of money.  However, people come to the desk all the time looking for things like this.

And some of the items were more significant.  I'm sure someone missed the tote they were using as a diaper bag.  If you'd bothered to look in the faux Coach clutch you would have noticed that along with a bunch of receipts there was a $20 bill in there.  I KNOW someone was looking for that!
Our desk only holds on to lost things until the end of the day.  You'll be happy to know I turned everything over to the correct department.  If they're not claimed after a predetermined amount of time they'll be donated to charity.

If you lost something I'm sure you'd be anxious to have it returned.  You might want to think about that next time you start accumulating misplaced objects.

One of the Customer Service desk staff
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  1. How irritating! I think that manager needs to be assigned a civic duty to do one random act of kindness daily for a month! Geesh!

  2. I'm amazed at all the items people leave behind accidentally. Glad you sorted that out, not very thoughtful store manager.

  3. I think it is quit humorous to go through what was left behind. The letter was a little insulting but you never know what will be left at the end of the day.

    1. I guess my words were a little harsh, but I get frustrated. This isn't the first time it's happened; there's a small subset of stores that hold their lost items on a regular basis