Tuesday, October 9, 2012


When I open the mall Customer Service desk my shift starts at 9:30, but since I have to leave home at the tail end of rush hour I build a cushion into my commute time and usually get there about 15 minutes early. I fill up the extra time by using the wifi hotspot in the center of the mall to check my email, Facebook, and all things Internet.

Today at 9:15 I was logging in when two teenage girls (who looked like they might be 15 or 16) came up to me. The conversation went like this:
TEENAGE GIRLS: "What time do the mall stores open?" 
ME: "10:00, except for the Apple store, St. Louis Bread Company, and Starbucks."
At this they looked moderately annoyed.
ME: "What are you shopping for at the mall today?" 
TG: "Homecoming dresses." 
ME:  "Cool!  Where do you go to school?" 
They seemed not to want to give me an answer, and it occurred to me that today WAS a school day. I thought about it, realized there was an off-site store nearby that might have what they were looking for, and offered to look up that store’s hours. While I was searching on my phone, one of the girls spoke up…
TG: "We ARE planning on going to school today!" 
ME: "After you get a homecoming dress?"
TG: "Yes".  
Sadly, the off-site store also opened at 10:00. I remember from my high school days how long it took to find just the right dress; I wonder if those girls WILL make it to any of their classes today.


  1. Not that I had any transportation back in the day but I never would have cut school to go shopping. The sad thing is the parents probably knew that the girls we going shopping. SMH.

  2. LOL that's funny the girls felt they owed you an explanation and made the comment they'd go to school. They were feeling guilty from the sounds of it. I hope they found "the" dress and can sleep tonight knowing they're ready.

    Have a wonderful week Kathy!

    1. Yes, I'm thinking they had a guilty conscience :-)