Monday, October 8, 2012


A group I belong to puts together a thought-of-the-day calendar as a fundraiser, and this year I'm heading up the calendar committee.  For the past four weeks we've been exchanging emails.  Last week I designed the final document and sent it to the printer.

I got a message from him today that I needed to make a few changes before he could do the job.  The changes sounded easy, and I figured I could take care of it in 30 minutes.

However, when I got home tonight my kitchen computer (the one that has all the calendar files on its hard drive) wouldn't turn on!

I sent an SOS email to my computer guy, and another to the calendar committee asking if anyone had the last version of the document I sent.  Hopefully one of those will pan out.  Either way, it's going to take me longer than 30 minutes to finish this project.


  1. oh this is very frustrating! and stressful!

  2. It's awful when the little buggers go belly up. Hope it's soon righted.

  3. How annoying. Last spring I did a huge project for our church, almost 300 pages, & that was my fear, that something would go wrong before I could get it to the printer.

  4. Kathy this is exactly how I learned to back up work on my flash drive, I lost an entire essay and realized it the day before it was due. Lesson learned.

    I hope you find your work or someone has it saved. All the best with this.