Monday, August 6, 2012

Now That's Service!

Halfway through my mall Customer Service desk shift today, I realized I was craving chocolate. REALLY craving it. The only problem was that I was working by myself, and there was no one to cover the desk when I stepped away.

After trying (unsuccessfully) to think about things other than chocolate I came up with a solution.  The Godiva store is just around the corner from the desk.  I'd seen the store manager walk by earlier in the day, so I knew she was working and would help me out.  I called the store, identified myself, and asked her to get out a small Dark Chocolate bar and have it ready for me.  When I was confident I could complete the transaction quickly I'd close up the desk and scurry down to the store with my money.

She must have sensed how much I needed the chocolate, because she offered to bring it to me!  Three minutes after I hung up the phone she was there, chocolate in hand.  I fell all over myself thanking her; she just smiled and headed back towards her store.


  1. Wow, that was a good & thoughtful employee.

  2. haha...oh how fun! I'm sure she's been there before with that craving that won't go away!

  3. looks like you made a new friend too!

  4. Excellent customer service. Also nice that you have that connection.