Saturday, August 25, 2012

Can You Believe I Ate The Whole Thing?

Hubby Tony and I went to the Festival of Nations today.  We listened to a little music, shopped at the craft market, and wandered down the endless row of food booths.  At lunch time we picked our meals from different areas of the world.  I had Burmese food (a cuisine new to me), and was pleased with my combination bowl of seasoned vermicelli noodles and beef curry.  From the Turkish booth Tony got a donar kebab, similar to a gyro but topped with tomato sauce instead of yogurt.

Afterwards we set out on a mission to find dessert.  We walked down another long row of booths,  but when we got to one that had Mexican pastries we both stopped to look, and then buy. Tony picked a cherry empanada, and I decided on a watermelon-shaped cookie, which turned out to be as big as my hand:

It's hard to take a cell phone picture with one hand!
(And, yes, after my initial sugar rush I got a stomachache and headache. Serves me right.)


  1. holy moly, my stomach hurts too just looking at that, lol.

  2. Oh wow! I would have eaten the whole thing too. I've never seen a cookie like that before.

    1. In the display case with all the other cookies it didn't look that big. When I held it in my hand I realized just how much sugar and fat there'd be!

  3. Look at all that sparkly sugar, which would drill holes straight through my stomach. I've learned. But it looks mighty fine.

  4. Looks good Kathy and it sounds like a fantastic day... but to eat the whole thing, no thank you. I have learned not to do such a silly thing with MOST foods, not all, but most. Baby steps! lol

    Have a fantastic week!