Friday, May 25, 2012

What A Rebel!

I was working an extra shift at the mall Customer Service desk today. Before I started my shift at noon I had a meeting scheduled at 9:30 and no time to return home to change into my work outfit of black pants, white shirt, and black closed-toe shoes.

Usually when that happens I bring my work clothes and change before I start my shift. That’s a hassle, though. Either I have to find a place to stop (bathrooms in municipal parks and gas stations are good) or I have to change in the mall bathroom and take my casual clothes back to the car.

Today I was in the mood for something different. Before I left the house I put my pants and shirt on, but instead of adding nylon knee highs and dressy shoes to complete the outfit I put on a pair of flip flops.

My unorthodox outfit made me feel like quite the rebel. Even though the temperature was hot, the breeze on my toes was really comfortable. When I got to work it only took me a minute to change my shoes before I went into the building.

The whole thing was such a positive experience I’ll have to think about doing it again!


  1. I love flip flops! Way to go Kathy!

  2. Efficient. More time for yourself.

  3. I haven't owned a pair of panty hose, a skirt, or a dress since I retired and I plan to keep it that way.