Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Skip The Elevator-Take The Stairs

This morning I had a doctor's appointment.  His office is halfway to work, so when I left the house after breakfast I wore casual clothes and carried my work clothes in a bag; that way I could get to the mall early enough to change in the bathroom before I had to start my Customer Service shift.

I thought I knew how long it would take to get to the doctor's office, but since it was after rush hour I overestimated and pulled into the parking lot 20 minutes too early. After spending a few seconds pondering what to do, inspiration hit.  The medical building is four stories tall, with stairs at each end.  My doctor's office is on the third floor, and the building's elevator is slower than dirt, so I always take the stairs. Since I had time to kill today, I decided to get some exercise doing extra flights of stairs.

I entered the building at the center entrance and walked to the stairwell closest to the doctor's office. When I got into the stairwell, I checked to see if there were any security cameras to record my unusual antics. I didn't see any, so I figured no one would be watching me. I slung my purse across my body and started up the stairs at a fast jog.

With only three flights of stairs, it was hard to get in a groove, but I did my best. I went up and down the steps at one end of the building four times, then walked to the other end and did four more reps.  I walked back to the first side (stopping at the bathroom on the way) and started on a third set.

Just then I saw a UPS delivery person carrying a few small boxes use the stairs just above me; that was enough to make me stop.  However, I'd put in a good 15 minutes of aerobic work, and was pleasantly winded and sweaty enough to cross exercise off my list for the day. Besides, it was time for my appointment.


  1. You did a good thing...over and over. Good job.

  2. Hope your doctor appreciated your effort. I know mine would have been pleased. However, I wouldn't have done it. I'm not into exercise.

  3. Great way to get some extra exercise into your day!