Friday, May 4, 2012

A Peony For Your Thoughts

I have one peony plant, which is in the back yard next to my neighbor's fence.  Each year when I see the buds starting to form I can't wait for the blooms.

Today was the day:

The flowers never last long, though.  By some strange coincidence right after the peony blooms each year we get a hard rainstorm or heavy wind which makes them flop over or knocks the petals off.  This morning, right on schedule, we had a gully-washer come through; I was out in the car and for a few minutes visibility was so poor I had to pull over to the side of the road.

When I got home and checked on the peony, all the open blooms had toppled and were laying on the grass.  I raised them up again, but based on past experience they'll never be the same.


  1. Maybe he needs a little umbrella!

  2. My father loved peonies. He had red, white, pink. We have one here, from the old house, a red on. It's thinking about blooming in a few days.

  3. Glad you got that one shot, they are a beautiful plant.

  4. I have ALWAYS commented that as soon as the peonies bloom, they are smashed into the ground with a rainstorm! They do make lovely bouquets indoors but seem to bring large ants in with them! ha.

  5. it's such a gorgeous flower. some storms leave their mark, especially those that require pulling over to the side of the road. at least he got to bloom.