Friday, May 18, 2012

My Sentiments Exactly

From a.eye at Shouldn't Life Be More Than This?
Letter to a dear friend 
I know that our relationship started out pretty intense. 
It was like, we were almost inseparable from the beginning. As soon as I had a break at lunch, I would be with you - even if it was just for a few moments. After work, I would be with you until my nap. Then, I would wake up and we would be together until I had to break away to make dinner - though sometimes I was able to have you keep me company in the kitchen as I cooked. 
After dinner, we were truly inseparable.  I was at your whim. Anytime you let me know you wanted some attention I was there to give it to you. I was always there.
Lately, I have been a lot less into you. 
Trust, though, that it's not you. 
It's me. 
I have sometimes gone days without any contact with you.  When we do get back together, I play catchup and make up for all the lost time.  But after those precious moments, there are even more days of no contact. 
I know that I don't want to completely part from you, but I do need more space.
I take pleasure in knowing that being with you has helped me meet new people and learn new words.  I have also been able to increased my confidence in being able to sometimes beat my mother in her own game. 
April was hard for our relationship. I was really busy with blogging with the A-Z Challenge, I was really busy with coaching, and really busy with teaching. My phone is so old that I don't even have enough memory on it to be able to use it to meet up with you. As soon as school is over and I have to return my iPad to the school, I don't know what I will do. I may have to buy some sort of new device to help keep us together. 
Until then, I will try and be with you as much as I can without becoming obsessed again, Words With Friends.
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  1. This is hilarious and so funny. Well done. I have never played this and probably should not start by the sound of things.