Saturday, April 16, 2011


Gotta love St. Louis weather.  Last Saturday it got up to 88 degrees.  We had all the windows in the house open, and I was concerned that it might be too hot to sleep at bedtime.  Today, a week later, the temperature is a whopping 48. We turned the furnace back on.

Since it feeels more like winter than spring, this afternoon I was looking for something to warm me up.  Instead of just taking a shower, I decided I needed a little pampering.  Looking around the bathroom, I found just the right thing.  When Tony returned from a business trip last week, he brought me home a basket full of bathing goodies... a large pink scrub puff, along with containers of bath salts, bubble bath, and bath oil, and glycerin-dipped rose buds that look too pretty to use.

The basket also a jar of something that was new to me, sugar scrub cubes. Reading the label, I found the cubes were made from sugar, emulsifing wax, jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E.  That sounded like just the indulgence I needed, so I brought the jar of scrub into the shower with me.

The last time I used a sugar scrub I mixed it together myself using sugar and hand lotion.  It did the job, but it was messy; the sugar granules were all over by time I got done.  It looked like these cubes might work better, though.  My first step was to stand under the hot water until the shower enclosure got nice and steamy.  I put one of the 1 inch sugar scrub cubes in my hand and kneaded it in my palm with a bit of water until it made a paste, then used the paste to scrub my body (paying particular attention to the rough, dry spots).

I could immediately feel the moisturizing ingredients starting to work.  When I turned off the water and toweled off, my whole body felt smoother.  It looks like there were about a dozen cubes in the jar, so I think  there will be quite a few more pampering sessions in my near future.


  1. First off I've got've got a sweetie of a hubby bringing back such a lovely gift...glad you enjoyed it
    The weather totally sucks here as was actually snowing this afternoon. Boooo! But as well we know tomorrow could be right back up to 80 degrees!
    Happy weekend to you!

  2. glad you enjoyed your sugar scrub Kathy, can't say I've ever heard of it before now. The weather's terrible here too, wet cold and windy. I think I even heard wet snow tomorrow.

  3. This sounds like wonderful pampering. I've never heard of a sugar scrub. It's hard to imagine what that must feel like. My first thought is sticky, but it sounds like it really softens your skin.